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Meet our founders
Eugene Netso
Managing partner
Background: Product management and marketing expert with a technical and economic background.
Experience: Founder and former CEO of a leading digital agency, working with industry giants including Procter & Gamble, Philip Morris, and Uber. Investing since 2015, with a portfolio of more than 20 venture investments.
Brings to the team: Strategic insight and commitment to fostering innovation in the tech sector.
Dmitrii Gromyko
Partner, CTO
Background: Professional developer specializing in high-load applications, with extensive expertise in Go, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.
Experience: Former CTO and co-founder of a pioneering booking service, which efficiently processes tens of thousands of reservations monthly.
Brings to the team: Binance Market Maker expertise, and a deep understanding of crypto technology.
Nick Nazmov
Partner, Fund Manager
Background: С, С++ and Solidity engineer. A specialist in financial algorithms, with over decade in the field.
Experience: Mobile app development, top-earning apps in the US. Conducted an academic thesis focused on predicting price movements in the currency market through math analysis.
Brings to the team: Strong engineering foundation fueling fintech innovations.
Our Team
Our TeamWe’ve built an all-star international team hailing from the world’s best companies including IBM, PwC, Mercuryo, Margex, Experian and CS.Money.A participant in AWS Activate, Google for Startups Accelerator and Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub accelerator programs.
We are diverse
We have different views, backgrounds, social statuses, origins, orientations, and hair color – we love what we do and it unites us.
We are relentless
Reacting to change, pushing the limits in a determined pursuit of excellence – this is what we stand for.
We care
We are honest to ourselves and to the people around us. Settling for “good enough” has never been our style. We are committed to pushing the boundaries, aiming not just to meet expectations but to exceed them.
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Our Success Stories
Enhanced market accessibility and price stability.
Seamless access to Polygon ecosystem.
Direct gateway to instant asset swap.
Our company
Registered as a Limited Liability Partnership in the United Kingdom. Jurisdiction with transparent crypto regulation.
Our Team's Story
Strong team with 10+ years in Tech business. Developing trading algorithms since 2017, starting from a Swiss private fund. Transitioned from Treddy AG CHE-279.185.857. Qualified as Binance's TOP 100 market makers in early 2022.
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Qualified MM on Binance
Legally Established Earnpark Platform.Incorporation of a LLP No. OC442773.
Upholding international financial standards SEC Compliant. Regulation D File #:021-473156.
Our milestones
We’re not stopping there. We’re laying the foundation to bring more people than ever safely on-chain.
July 2023
Raised a round of funding from private investors for platform development.
February 2023
The U.K. partnership was registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to legally generate income from the transactions.
January 2023
The EarnPark platform with automated strategies for external investors is launched.
July 2022
EarnPark launched with automated strategies for external investors.
June 2022
Registered EarnPark in the United Kingdom.
April 2022
The team became one of Binance’s TOP 100 market makers
January 2022
Start of the EarnPark platform development. The team shares internal strategies with the open market to build services and products for retail investors.
November 2021
Swiss flagRegistered closed private foundation in Switzerland. Treddy AG CHE-279.185.857, Neuhofstrasse 5A 6340 Baar.
March 2021
Work on various investment ideas and automation of liquidity providing on Uniswap.
December 2020
The team is actively gaining expertise in DeFi.
December 2019
The algorithm was rebuilt completely, and the arbitrage strategy started earning steadily. The growth has begun, attracting the first investors.
End of 2018 - 2019
Challenging time for algorithm development. The team learns to better understand the specifics of the market and dives deep into the technical details. All strategies are tested using the founders' personal funds.
Autumn 2018
A low-level engineering expert joins the team to improve the algorithm, aiming to stay competitive in the more mature and efficient market.
January 2018
The first algorithm on the emerging Binance exchange is launched.
September 2017
As crypto gains popularity, a group of investors comes up with an idea to create trading algorithms on crypto exchanges.
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