We incorporate algorithms and web3 protocols into a fundamental approach to long-term wealth building
Designed by Binance Market Makers
When excellent user experience meets easy investment model
36-months proven track record
Choose investment strategies for various risk levels
Based in Europe & Registered in the U.S. SEC
Customer's funds are protected by Fireblocks
Focus on the ease of use while maximizing profitability
Secure platform to invest and earn using major digital assets
We're revolutionizing earnings
Evgenii Netso
Evgenii Netso
Managing partner
Blockchain and crypto are the game-changers destined to transform the world like the global Internet once did. By bringing together the classic Web 2.0 product approach and Web 3.0 market, we create easy services to democratize wealth-building.
Dmitrii Gromyko
Dmitrii Gromyko
Partner, CTO
While building products in a new crypto economy that allows for limitless peer-to-peer value transfer, we strive to reimagine global financial services.
Nick Nazmov
Nick Nazmov
Partner, Fund Manager
The ultimate goal is to build proper service for investors like us. Our relationships with people, team and customers always come first. Everything we do is based on honesty and ethical behaviour.
We work with industry leaders
The funds are managed automatically through the non-custodial wallet infrastructure on Fireblocks which boasts the best security features on the market. The solution has been audited by Soc 2 Type II and is complemented by our own risk management policies.
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