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USD Coin (USDC) Insights at EarnParkCurrently, the trading rate for USD Coin stands at 0.00001557 BTC per USDC. With an active circulation of 32 748 300 163.38 USDC tokens, its market significance is represented by a total valuation of $ 32,749,175,130.20. Transactions involving USD Coin in the past 24 hours have amounted to $ 3,678,830,935.49.
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Estimated: 1 USDC 0.00001557 BTC
How the Converter Works
  • How much is one USD Coin in terms of BTC at EarnPark?As of our latest update, one USDC is approximately equivalent to 0.00001557 BTC.
  • If I spend 1 BTC at EarnPark, how much USDC will I receive?Given the prevailing market conditions, 1 BTC will get you about 64 244.30760104 USDC.
  • Is the value of USDC stable?USDC aims to maintain parity with the US dollar, providing a stable value. While it's designed to be a steady digital asset, minimal deviations can occasionally arise due to broader market forces.
  • How can I convert or transition between BTC and USD Coin at EarnPark?To assist with your BTC to USDC transactions, you can use our designated USDC conversion tool, prominently placed at the top of this page.
  • What other cryptocurrencies offer stability similar to USDC?Several digital assets strive for a stable value akin to USDC, including Tether (USDT), DAI, and BUSD. For a more comprehensive look at stablecoin investment options, please explore our platform's resources.
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