1. Secure Your Share of the $5000 Early Bird Bonus with EarnPark's AVAX Strategy

Secure Your Share of the $5000 Early Bird Bonus with EarnPark's AVAX Strategy

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As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, EarnPark is at the forefront, crafting innovative strategies to enhance your investment experience. This February, we're thrilled to introduce our newest investment opportunity: the EarnPark Liquidity Providing Avalanche (AVAX) Strategy. Designed for the forward-thinking investor, this strategy not only offers a promising 7.5% APY but also comes with an exciting Early Bird Bonus to amplify your investment journey from the start.

Avalanche of Prizes – Your Early Bird Bonus Awaits on AVAX!

In a world where timing is everything, early adopters are often the ones who reap the greatest rewards. With EarnPark's latest offering, diving into the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem has never been more rewarding. For a limited time, we're offering an Early Bird Bonus that encapsulates the spirit of seizing the moment and maximizing your investment.

How to Receive an Early Bird Bonus

Investing in the new EarnPark Liquidity Providing Avalanche (AVAX) Strategy is not just about enjoying a high APY; it's also your ticket to an exclusive reward. By investing from just $100 between February 14th and February 29th, you'll qualify for a $10 bonus in USDT.

Prize Pool – $5000 in USDT

The Early Bird Bonus is drawn from a generous prize pool of $5000 in USDT. Eligible participants will receive their promo codes via email on March 1st. These codes unlock the path to your $10 USDT bonus, directly credited to your EarnPark account, symbolizing both our gratitude and your savvy investment choice.

How to Activate Your Promo Code:

Activating your promo code is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in at EarnPark. Begin by accessing your EarnPark account with your credentials.
  2. Head to your account page. Navigate through the dashboard to find your account settings.
  3. Locate and open the promo code tab. Within your account page, you'll find a tab dedicated to promo codes.
  4. Enter your promo code. Type in the promo code you received via email.
  5. Get your Prize. Upon successful entry, your $10 USDT bonus will be credited to your account, ready to be utilized or invested further.

Promo Period Alert: February 14–29

Mark your calendars! This exclusive offer is valid from February 14th until the leap day of February 29th. It's a fleeting opportunity to enhance your investment with EarnPark and get a taste of what our new AVAX strategy has to offer, along with a bonus to kickstart your journey.

Join Now!

As we unveil this opportunity, we're reminded of the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the continuous potential for growth and innovation. EarnPark is committed to providing you with strategies that not only aim for high returns but also bring added rewards and benefits. Join us in this exciting phase, invest early, and let's navigate the promising avenues of the Avalanche ecosystem together. Your journey towards smarter investments starts here, with EarnPark's AVAX Strategy and your exclusive Early Bird Bonus.

Terms and conditions

Promotion Period

  • The promotion runs from February 14 to February 29, inclusive.

Limitations on Promo Code Use

  • Each promo code is single-use only and limited to one per participant.
  • A participant is eligible to receive only one promo code, ensuring a fair chance for all early birds.
  • The total count of winners is capped at 500 to ensure an equitable distribution of the $5000 USDT prize pool.

USDT Promo Codes

  • Upon activation of the promo code, $10 USDT is credited to the EarnPark account of the participant.
  • These promo codes are intended to reward early participants in the new EarnPark Liquidity Providing Avalanche (AVAX) Strategy.

Validity and Activation

  • Promo codes will be distributed via email on March 1 and must be activated by March 15.
  • Codes not activated within this timeframe will expire and be rendered invalid.

Eligibility for Early Bird Bonus

  • To qualify for the Early Bird Bonus, participants must invest a minimum of $100 in the EarnPark Liquidity Providing Avalanche (AVAX) Strategy within the promotion period.
  • The bonus is designed to reward early adopters of this strategy and enhance their investment experience.

Right to Disqualify

  • EarnPark reserves the right to disqualify any participant found to be engaging in fraudulent, dishonest, or abusive activities related to this promotion.
  • Attempts to use a promo code more than once or by multiple participants will lead to disqualification.

Final Interpretation

  • EarnPark holds the exclusive right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  • Should discrepancies arise, the final decision lies with EarnPark. For queries or clarifications, participants are encouraged to contact our customer support team.


  • The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.
  • Participation in this promotion does not constitute an offer or endorsement of any investment strategy or product by EarnPark.
  • Investment decisions should be made based on individual research and risk assessment. EarnPark is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from participation in this promotion.
  • Participants are urged to invest wisely and within their means.

These terms and conditions are designed to ensure a transparent and fair Early Bird Bonus promotion for all participants interested in the EarnPark Liquidity Providing Avalanche (AVAX) Strategy. We wish all participants the best of luck and a prosperous investment journey.