1. EarnPark Joins Premier Accelerator Programs
EarnPark Joins Premier Accelerator Programs
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We're thrilled to share some exciting news – EarnPark has been selected to participate in not just one but three prestigious accelerator programs: AWS Activate, Google for Startups Accelerator and Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!

It's a major milestone in our journey, and we owe it all to the amazing support and belief you've shown in us.

AWS Activate: Bringing ideas into reality

Our involvement in the AWS Activate program is a game-changer.
This initiative is specifically designed to help startups progress from the idea stage to a polished product.
Here's what it brings to the table:

Global network:
By stepping into the AWS Activate community, we're granted access to an expansive network that links us with industry leaders, tech gurus, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, startup influencers, advisors, and partners. This global network opens doors to endless opportunities and collaborations.

Technology fast-track:
The program is our technical ace-in-the-hole. It provides our tech teams with resources, guidance, and a supportive peer community. From in-depth technical dives to tackling the day-to-day challenges faced by Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), such as team management, product development, and the nuances of cloud architecture design.

Business boost:
With AWS Activate, we're on the path to becoming investment-ready. The program offers workshops tailored to help us validate our Go-To-Market strategy, perfect our pitch deck, and refine our storytelling skills.

Alumni community:
Beyond the program's duration, we'll continue to enjoy the support and knowledge exchange offered by the robust AWS Activate alumni community.

AWS technology used:

  • AWS ECS Fargate: Container management.
  • AWS SQS: Communication between microservices.
  • AWS RDS: Data storage for microservices' databases.
  • AWS ElastiCache: Data caching.
  • AWS EventBridge: Scheduler for recurring tasks.
  • AWS Aurora Serverless
  • AWS Lambda: Monitoring, queue management, and deployment processes.
  • AWS DynamoDB: Storage for unstructured data.
  • API Gateways infrastructure: Access to APIs and routing.
  • AWS Secret Manager: Storage for service accounts, keys, and sensitive information.
  • AWS S3: Storage and access to static data.
  • AWS CloudFront: CDN (Content Delivery Network) for caching static resources and routing.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Accelerated with Google

The Google for Startups Accelerator program takes our technical capabilities to the next level. Designed to help startups collectively address specific technical challenges, it empowers us with invaluable resources.
Here’s what it brings to the table:

Tailored technical help:
We've outlined our top technical challenges, and the program's core strength lies in pairing us with relevant experts from both Google and the industry. Together, we'll tackle these challenges, enhancing our business prospects.

Specialist deep dives:
Beyond mentorship and project support, the program takes us on deep dives and engaging workshops. We'll focus on areas like product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders.

Equity-free support:
A crucial benefit of this program is the three months of equity-free support. This means we retain full ownership and control of our vision.

Custom mentorship:
We'll receive personalized guidance from Google mentors and industry experts, honing our product and leadership skills.

Google product insights:
In our engagement with Google experts, we'll learn invaluable tips and tricks directly from the minds that built Google's innovative products.

Technical partnerships:
The program fosters partnerships with Google experts, allowing us to collaboratively address our most pressing technical challenges.

Founder network:
We'll have the privilege of connecting with and learning from fellow founders, creating an empowering peer-to-peer support network.

Google Cloud credits and support:
With access to Google Cloud credits and dedicated support via the Google for Startups Cloud Program, we're well-equipped for tech-related needs.

Google technology used:

  • Google Identity Platform: Authentication/Authorization.
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM): Analytics.

In plans:

  • Cloud Functions: Automation of processes.
  • BigQuery: Analytics, monitoring, and log analysis.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub: Fueling startup's future with AI

This program offers startups the opportunity to supercharge our growth with access to cutting-edge AI services, expert guidance, and essential technology.
Here’s what it brings to the table:

AI-Powered advancements:
We can harness AI's potential with OpenAI credits and Azure credits of up to $150,000, tailored to startups of all expertise levels.

Rapid development:
Access to tools and technologies like Azure credits, GitHub, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn Premium, and more, enabling us to accelerate our product development.

Guidance from experts:
Our team will have the privilege of unlimited 1:1 meetings with Microsoft experts, facilitating swift resolutions to any business or technical challenges.

Unlocking AI potential:
With AI services accessible to startups at all levels, we're on the path to limitless innovation.

Microsoft technology used:

  • Azure Cloud: Virtual machines hosting blockchain network validators (Ethereum) and cosigners for Fireblocks transaction signing.

Being a part of three accelerator programs is a big step in our journey, offering a wealth of advantages:

Accelerate our growth and development:
These programs serve as catalysts for our expansion. We're not just growing; we're growing faster, thanks to the insights and resources these accelerators provide.

Tap into invaluable mentorship:
The mentorship we gain from industry experts is like having a guiding compass through the complex startup landscape. It's not just advice; it's actionable wisdom.

Access resources and support:
With the support of these accelerators, we're not just accessing resources; we're accessing the right resources at the right time. This strategic advantage is propelling us forward.

Expand our network:
Networking isn't just about connections; it's about collaboration. These programs enable us to connect with innovative startups, leading to meaningful collaborations and mutual growth.

Fine-tune our strategies:
We're not just refining our strategies; we're elevating them to a whole new level. The feedback, guidance, and shared experiences from these programs are shaping our path to success.

By participating in these accelerator programs, we're not just moving ahead; we're surging forward, driven by the opportunities, support, and collective knowledge they provide.
We're excited about the journey ahead, and we're committed to delivering even more value to our users and to making the most of these programs and using them to enrich the experience we provide to each and every one of our users.
Together, we're forging an exciting path ahead. Stay tuned for more incredible developments!