1. EarnPark Autumn Season: Plans & Updates

EarnPark Autumn Season: Plans & Updates

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Third Quarter Achievements:

Achieved a doubling of the number of investors and a 20% increase in assets under management.

Maintained high rates for major coins and added new coins, including EOS, LINA, and ZIL.

Updated the Portfolio page and introduced a new USDT strategy from Quant Hill with an expected rate of 29% per annum.

Impact of BTC Dip:

While the market dip increased trading volumes for a period, it did not change the overall downward trend.

The profitability of the BTC strategy remains stable.

Future Enhancements:

Upcoming updates include improved strategy page details and access to metrics like active investors, total rewards, and TVL.

The team has expanded with new developers and strategy consultants.

Investor Onboarding & Planning:

The upcoming feature will allow clients to create personalized investment plans.

Plans will be tailored based on clients' goals, risk profiles, and savings amounts.

Swap Feature:

Swap V.1 is in the works, connecting with 1inch aggregator for fast and low-fee token exchanges.

Future plans include expanding the exchange to all cryptocurrencies and networks on the platform.

New Strategies:

Upcoming strategies include XLM (Stellar) Market Making, AVAX LP, ETH Staking, and USDT and ETH Algo Trade.

Strategies Performance Implementation:

Clients can view historical returns for each strategy to assess risk before investing.

New chart views for flexible rate strategies will show changes in profitability.

EarnPark Stats:

A new page will display platform progress metrics such as user acquisition and liquidity changes.

Future plans include adding proof of reserve and transparency measures.

Final advice:

Invest according to long-term goals and research market and projects.

Manage risk, choose strategies accordingly, and remain calm in the cryptocurrency market's volatile environment.